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A brief summation of my contribution, Cutting It: 

Moore’s joyless graduation into adulthood is another disappointment until he meets Rosie: a shape shifter, older, and skilled in the art of pain and control.  This deeply confused young man starts to come into focus as he realized he can still get the release he needs without self-harming.

You know you want Moore.  Buy it now, that’s an order, not a request.

Schooling Rapey Vanilla Dude on the Finer Points of Femdom

A little background: met this guy yesterday morning through my now-and-forever defunct OKCupid account.  We had a brief back and forth before we made plans for coffee in which he asked me if I was open to playing that night.  I definitively said no, that I don’t play on the first date.  After the date, he said he had to go do something, help his roommate but asked if I wanted to keep hanging out.  I said, sure since at the time, he seemed cool.  He took off to do his thing with the promise that it would only take 15 minutes, but then texted again and said, was I open to casual play?

Again I said no, but that if he was interested in getting to know me, I was willing to spend more time with him.  He then said, sorry, this is going to take longer than I realized, was I open for dinner the next night?  I obviously extended too much credit because this is what transpired afterward. Aside from minor edits in the text conversation to improve the flow, I didn’t edit this text conversation at all.  Clearly, he didn’t deserve correction.

Betina Cipher: Can you talk?

 vanilladude: In a little while. Maybe 30 min? What’s up.

 Betina Cipher: I just thought it would be easier to communicate via voice.

 vanilladude: Sure. Text is good too…text with me 🙂

 Betina Cipher: It’s really difficult to articulate texting, just thought I could spell some things out. Just wanted to talk about kink, fetish, etc.

 vanilladude: Please do. I am very comfortable texting until, if you don’t mind.

Which specific kinks and fetishes? You have some?

 Betina Cipher: Do you have any experience with kink? First hand?

 vanilladude: ds and fetishes? My housemate’s company is around a bit longer, so I can text for a while. A small bit with S&M, and women having masters. I have spoken to subs about it, but haven’t engaged in it myself. What are your kinks? I want some first-hand experiences though.

 Betina Cipher: Okay. So your experience with it is mostly on the margins.

 vanilladude: Yes…that okay?

 Betina Cipher: I could kind of tell. When someone has firsthand experience with it, they communicate in a certain way.

 vanilladude: How so? What are your kinks and fetishes? Have you ever had your photos taken?

 Betina Cipher: I’m a Domme. But I should qualify that and distinguish it from Dominatrix. I’m not much of a sadist, but I do like to be in control. I like to initiate, give directions, experiment with sensation.

 vanilladude: What about straight sex? Do you do that, or is it only a dom sex life for you? Have you been with dark men? Do you have fetishes?

 Betina Cipher: Oh yes.

 vanilladude: I would like to photograph youOh yes to what?

 Betina Cipher: Ok, on that first point. Vanilla sex is pretty disappointing to me. I think it becomes rote, it’s over too fast, and it’s all about coming. Yes, I’ve been with dark men, yes I have fetishes.

 vanilladude: Tell me your fetishes please

 Betina Cipher: If all this is not you cup of tea, I’m totally fine setting the conversation down. I don’t take it personally. Are we ok so far?

 vanilladude: I like this. I want more. Carry on.

 Betina Cipher: I like the idea of being photographed.

 vanilladude: What are your fetishes? I do excellent close-up work with photos.

 Betina Cipher: OK. I’m into toys, bondage, assplay (giving), temperature play,

 vanilladude: Giving ass play such as?

 Betina Cipher: I’m into pegging.

 vanilladude: You like licking ass? Pegging isn’t for me. Just being up front.

 Betina Cipher: ok.

 vanilladude: Do you like licking ass too?

 Betina Cipher: I’m into all things ass. It’s incredibly erotic to me.

 vanilladude: You like having your ass licked?

 Betina Cipher: hell yeah, don’t you?

 vanilladude: I can relate to that. Have you done oral with protection? Until everyone is tested? I like to hold off on unprotected oral and kissing until all testing is done. Would that be a deal-breaker for you? Yes, I like it too

 Betina Cipher: Can I ask what your specific fear is around transmission? Like I’ve never had anyone ask me about cold sores or irregular paps before.

 vanilladude: Causes abnormal paps contributes to oral cancers and/or warts. I play extra safe d/t transmission possibilities of sylhillis (highly contagious in 2 stages), via kissing, and hpv…the strain which cold sores come from HSV-1, which can actually be transferred to genitals. Typical genital herpes is HSV-2, but 1 can occur in both locations.

Betina Cipher: So wait, you’re saying you don’t tongue kiss someone until both of you get tested?

 vanilladude: Did you like the pic? I prefer to wait with the kissing, but if it’s a deal breaker, I understand. I do have something I like about sex without kissing anyway, but I can’t explain it

 Betina Cipher: It’s hard for the writer in me not to read into that.

 vanilladude: Sorry. I am unable to articulate why is what I mean. Did you like the photo I sent? I would like to feel your body with my hands. I wanted our legs touching under the table. It had been in my mind when we were outside.

 Betina Cipher: I am sure that you are the kind of man that easily elicits compliments from pictures like that. But I’m a Domme, I don’t automatically feed men’s egos. I think the fear of swapping spit is really a fear of connecting, it’s a little paranoid. I’m going to pass. I wish you luck finding what you are looking for. Have a good night.

 vanilladude: Would you give me a chance to understand? I wanted to know what you liked so I could offer more photos and other items/actions. As I mentioned, if something is a deal breaker, I will adjust. I would gladly swap spit with you. I was ready to before you left but I wasn’t sure how you felt about it, I was stuck in your creamy legs and thighs for parts of the convo and couldn’t help myself. Not looking for compliments. I want some serious interaction with you.

 Betina Cipher: Ok. let me put it this way in a nutshell: when I am in charge, a session lasts for hours. I study you, test your responsiveness. I push you to your edge and then I decide when to release you.

 vanilladude: And you can do that without pegging?

 Betina Cipher: yes. but it’s the easiest way to make a man have a progasm.

 vanilladude: And though kissing is fine, no oral until testing is fine as well? Just clarifying because I want tie experience you

vanilladude: And I want my hands in your body to feel your smooth skin. I want to see and taste your breasts.

 Betina Cipher: You get to work for all that.

 vanilladude: How is that a FWB situation? You being dom is one thing, but can we start casual for one meeting?

 Betina Cipher: If you are asking me if we can have vanilla sex first the answer is no. In the same way that you have limits about STDs, I have no interest in making out, no oral, missionary and it’s over in 3 minutes. Like I said, vanilla sex is not satisfying to me. Attraction is one of many cogs that need to mesh. I think you are very attractive, but it seems like we aren’t lining up.

 vanilladude: I am not talking 3 minutes of vanilla sex. I am talking patience and time in first just touching each other naked and seeing how each of us play. other reacts. Spending time on nipple play, ass play, fetish time…sex would be slow and deliberate, mixed with the additional various. I think we would line up in person. I do. I am not just saying this, I assure you.

 Betina Cipher: Tell me why you think so?

vanilladude: Why do I think so? I felt something when I hugged you, and when we spoke and when we looked at each other that seemed carnal to me. As an example of what I meant, I like having my cock buried all the way in a woman and just holding it there, while slowly touching, pinching, licking other parts of her.

Betina Cipher: Are you willing to spend some more time for me to feel comfortable around you?

vanilladude: I don’t understand your angle. I am extremely attracted to you. But are you looking to “date?” What you want seems different for a well-matched arrangement. I am fine being patient. Are you willing to show me how you could tease me? (Not asking for sex). Are you free at all during the day tomorrow?

 Betina Cipher: See here’s the problem with text.

 vanilladude: I apologize, I have limited options. Texting with you turns me on. I like reading the words and descriptions with respect to sex and fet terms. I don’t understand what you are open to before sex? Would you let me lick your ass?

 Betina Cipher: Let me put it another way: I’ve had some toxic men in my life, men who have taken my power away from me psychologically and sexually. My comfort zone is when I am in control. I don’t understand that last question. I don’t do casual sex, I don’t do one-offs.

vanilladude: Can you be in control while letting me lick your ass? Neither do I. I don’t do either.

 Betina Cipher: I would INSTRUCT you to lick my ass.

 vanilladude: Then that’s what I want. Are you free during the day tomorrow? At all?

 Betina Cipher: What I don’t think men realize is the immense risk women take on when they consent to sex with someone they just met. No, not free tomorrow.

You outweigh me by what, 50 lbs at least? And I just met you. Today.

 vanilladude: I understand. I worked with various situations involving victims when I worked in medicine.

 Betina Cipher: I’m not a rape victim in the conventional sense. But yes, I’ve got triggers and trust issues. I am not going to have all the info I need in one meeting.

 vanilladude: I am also required to be an upstanding citizen with a squeaky clean background to maintain clearance for any government work. I have annual background checks run in me, and fingerprinting. Okay

 Betina Cipher: Well, so do lots of people. But I appreciate that, and I have to have similar. Tues afternoon or eve is possible.

 vanilladude: Let’s do Tuesday eve? You want photos done? May I send you a photo of my cock, please?

 Betina Cipher: Let me explain again: I’m not bringing you into a private space until I know you better. No. I’ll let you know when I’m ready to look at it. You are not used to being denied. I can tell. Handsome men are the worst.

 vanilladude: I am sorry for the experiences you have had, but I need to be able to progress with my own timeline. I also don’t want to risk any “triggers” being set off.

I have law enforcement in my family, docs and lawyers. I am a safe guy, and I don’t have to put in unreasonable effort with others.

It’s not about being handsome. I am willing to work. But I also recognize the difference between a solid effort vs. working around someone’s personal stuff.

My attraction to you is unusually strong. I left with an erection, and precum because of how turned on I was, especially when you would shift and I would catch a glimpse of your sexy thighs. I know what I want, and that I am safe, but I have also been waiting a while to play and I need to move on. If you want to join me, let me know because you make me hard as a rock. Okay. Let me know if you decide you want photos or to play. If not, no offense.

Betina Cipher: Wow, and this seems like a reasonable expectation to you? You meet a woman once and because you got boner it’s now or never? Your idea of a “solid effort” is laughable, and the “please let me show you my dick”, what are you, 20?

 vanilladude: That’s not what I wrote.

 Betina Cipher: Sure whatever.

This morning:

 Betina Cipher: I suggest you educate yourself regarding sexual assault and how it relates to dating. Here are some stats for you:

  • A woman is sexually assaulted ever 98 seconds in the US
  • Overwhelmingly, the perpetrator is someone the woman knows or just met
  • There is no profile for perps with regard to socioeconomics, race, religion or age so the “I have law enforcement in my family, doc, lawyers” is an absurd defense of your character

The fact that you asked me more than once if I was open to playing, ignoring my direct answers, is a red flag. The paranoia around germs and the disregard for my comfort level, red flag. Your dismissal of me based on “not wanting to set off any triggers” reveals you to be ignorant, selfish and unworthy. Something to consider on your next date.

(block user) (block this caller?) (do not disturb)

The Struggle is Real: All this Jobseeking is Butting into My Prowling Time

Dear Ms. (Cipher),

We found your resume on Indeed dot com and we think you’d be a great fit for the _______ position.  As a content writer, you’d be required to write, edit, strategize, know HTML, video editing, be comfortable managing several projects at a time with different clients, all of whom have unreasonable demands, work 40+ hours a week starting at $15-18.  This a fantastic opportunity for someone who is looking to build their career, work in a fast-paced environment, loves business casual, and drinks like a fish at corporate parties.

Dear Ms. Cipher,

Welcome to Bluehost!  We know you just spent all your hard earned blogger cash on upgrading to self-hosted thinking that you’d be able to sell your smut more effectively, and we just want you to know that for an additional $59 a month, you can upgrade to Premium and get that elusive amazon plugin that will make all your financial dreams come true.


The Sharks at Bluehost

Dear Ms. (Cipher),

After carefully examining the accident you were in on April 28, we’ve made the determination that even though our driver rear ended you, you were at fault.  We will therefore not be covering the cost to have your bumper fixed. We apologize for any inconvenience and you owe Hertz rentals $29/day for the next three days.

Sincerely, AAA

Attention Ms. (Cipher)

Your registration renewal is due on July 17, 2017 for $124.  The DMV doesn’t accept cash and a $5 dollar transaction fee is charged for credit and debit.

Thank you for your business,

The DMV.

Hey you.  It’s your project. Remember me?  That boiler about the woman who turns her dead mama’s dilapidated mansion into a Cub Bordello?  So there is a living room of characters just milling around waiting for you to tell them how you want them to fuck each other.  Just sayin’.  You know where to find us.  On your hard drive.


Your Novel

P.S. You are backing me up, right?

Dear Ms. Cipher,

Thank you for applying to the____ position.  We regret to inform you that we’ve selected a candidate, and–

Good Evening, Ms. Cipher.

I really enjoyed reading your profile.  Your imagination is scorching hot, reading your stories makes me feel so dirty.  I especially loved Boyslut for the Birthday Girl, such a lucky boy to get used by not one but two smart, sexy Mistresses.

I hope this message finds you well, and if there is ever anything I can do to please you, I’d be honored.


submissive cub



How a Dom Deals with Emotional Vulnerability (Even in Her Dreams)


I had a dream about a guy I conversed with very briefly on OKC and never met in real life. He was a professional, a father, handsome, submissive. He went cold a few weeks ago and while I wondered (as I always do) if he met someone or if he just got scared, I didn’t think about him much until this morning.

In the dream, we were new, but somehow traveling together in an indistinct American city. It was very chaotic, with lots of construction going on. We passed by super-modern luxury homes being built. It felt like we were excited about each other, like we were both seeing the potential.

And then the scenery shifted: we were in a blank room with a bed, a standard hotel room with a large window next to him. We were talking and he asked about plans, about when he could come to my city and stay a few days, meet my people. “Is it too soon to be asking?” he wanted to know. “We can go as slowly as you need to.” The indication was clear: he was showing me he was in.

And I had a moment of pure panic. Here was the thing I had been searching for: a beautiful, smart, awake, strong-but-submissive man. He was putting himself on the table for me and I was suddenly nauseated.

“I need you to strip,” I answered, and without question, he disrobed and lay face down next to me. “I need to be inside you.” I had to fuck him because I was so scared of getting fucked. I wanted this devotion and obedience too badly. I had already overextended in my desire.

To regain control, I had to fill him up. He took me inside him and whispered that he was mine, I owned him.

I woke up feeling like I was the one who got fucked. By my own imagination.


Ms. Mona's Online Dating School for Dudes



“Good afternoon, dudes.  You might be wondering why you are here.” Ms. Mona flexed her cane as she paced back and forth in front of the whiteboard.

“You see, you boys have behaved very badly without really realizing it and after some coaxing and a few beatings, the clever nerds at, OK Cupid, and Plenty of Fish all teamed up to share data, crunch some numbers, and develop an app.  Guess what it does?  Anyone?”

The men tied to uncomfortable antique wooden elementary school desks squirmed and bugged their eyes at one another.

Mona smiled. “You are the group we singled out for online dating sensitivity training.  You didn’t quite cross the line into the group we call Deep Servitude, who are now in the dungeon having their gentials surgically removed.”

A couple of the men strained against the robust leather straps pinning their naked asses to the tiny desks. Mona smacked the cane down on the closest surface, causing everyone to jump.

“Yes, we found you.  You get blocked so regularly that we have to kick you off the sites.  But you just fire up another profile with a different email the next day. You are the dudes we realized could be molded into dateable men. So first, we will go over what you do wrong, and talk about strategies you might want to employ unless you would like your joints to shrivel up and rot off from too much porn.

“You single dudes start conversations with, ‘what up.’ ” she pointed to the words on the board, “When writing a letter on one of these said platforms, what goes here?”

“A question mark?” One man in the front squawked.

Whack, said the cane, “Oooowww” said the smart ass.  Ms. Mona pointed the cane at his face.

“What else?”  The man bowed his head and hissed through his teeth, clearly still smarting from the angry sting of the cane on his thigh.

“Anyone?” Mona straightened up, smoothed her silk tie over her crisp white blouse.  The room was silent.

“Let me put it another way.  From the moment you make contact with a woman, you are showing her how she can expect to be treated.  ‘What up’ is a half-assed effort, and the lack of proper punctuation,” she rubbed the head of the man who had gotten that part right, “shows her that it’s not really a question.”

She strode back to the board, giving the class a brief glimpse of her heart-shaped ass wrapped tight in a pencil skirt before she pointed to a set of bullets on the board:

  • half-assed effort i.e., ‘what up’
  • bad grammar and punctuation
  • generic
  • pestering
  • too sexy too soon i.e., dick pics

“Let’s discuss this third bullet.  What does it mean?  You.”  Mona stepped towards a chubby dude who described himself as “jacked” in his profile and who sat quaking in the back.

“Uh, sending the same message to a bunch of different women?”

“That’s right.  Playing the numbers game.  Casting a wide net.  Not bothering to read what this woman wrote, and thereby showing her that you are only interested in what she looks like and not who she is.” She leaned in close enough that he could probably smell the gardenia.  “You do that, don’t you, Ronald? Play the numbers game?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”  Ronald cowered.  Mona pinched his ear and lifted his face to force eye contact.

“And you won’t be doing that again, will you, Ronald?”

“No, Ma’am.”  In one motion, Mona pulled loose the main restraint anchoring Ronald’s fat ass to the tiny chair, lifted his enormous frame by his twisted lobe so that he was almost simultaneously hobbled by his limbs still trapped in the desk and toppling over. Ms. Mona choked up on the cane with her left hand and swatted him in a piercing X across his hairy ass. She released him and he dropped as she lingered back down the row of desks, “Nor will you, Mike, or Chris, or Joe, or Sam or Raj?”

The men shuddered, mumbled, and hunched.


“Dudes,” She made a 180 to face them again.

“If you want entertainment, read erotica, get a fleshlight, or find a community where people are there to chat about dirty shit. But don’t go on dating sites and talk to women in New Zealand who state right on their profile that they’d like to date people within 50 miles of them!”  She tapped on Raj’s desk for emphasis. “If she says she hates sports and you spend every weekend at the game, is she a good fit for you?”

“No, Ma’am.”

“Which brings me to my next point: if she does not answer, that’s a no.  Two times makes sure, after that, assume your attentions are unwanted and move. the fuck. on. Wish her well and don’t, I mean don’t write her a nasty note, that is what children do.

“Now we get to the good stuff: I call this part too sexy too soon.  Maybe you don’t realize that for every one woman that you write to, that same woman is getting dozens of messages, maybe more if she’s hot.  But you can safely assume all women get many many inquiries.

“Very quickly,”  She moved to another set of bullets, “here are the guys in the basement and what they do on a regular basis:

  • catfish (pretend to be someone else and seduce the person)
  • run a game on several women at the same time
  • stalk/harass
  • rape
  • all of the above

“And you get the idea so this is what you are up against.  Now you are here, and not in the basement because we believe that you can be trained.  You boys are just ignorant.”

A few of the men, despite their discomfort, nodded.

As she said this, Mona noticed a grimace of arrogance off to the side of the room.  The expression rode on the face of a young alpha dude named Jason who looked like he could shatter those little desks from the inside.

“In short, you men underestimate the garden of earthly delights on the other side, once a woman feels genuinely safe. She is free to experiment, free to ask questions, she is open to sensation.”

She set the cane down and sat on his desk sideways, lifting her knee and unsnapping a little tube of lube from her garter.  Then she drew out a little latex driving glove and put it on her left hand.  She wet the glove with the lube and reached under the desk.

He bolted against the attached chair, thrashing, but it was riveted to the floor, and a sly little smirk flickered over Mona’s face that seemed to say, I’m smarter than you.  

Her hand grappled his junk and began to tug him erect as she continued, “believe me when I say that we want to see your cocks, boys, we are curious as hell about them but we will let you know when the time comes to share this information.  And if you wait,” she locked eyes with Jason who looked as though he was trying to will himself from getting hard, “you can have what you want if you mind your manners, if you listen, if you wait for her signals and don’t act all fucking shocked when she is super careful.  That woman is not paranoid, she’s smart,”  Mona’s hand under the desk switched gears and Jason grunted despite himself.  A few of the other men could crane their heads to catch some of the action happening under the desk.

Mona deftly stroked the angry young man’s cock to its full hardness, then she sped up again, murmuring to him, “c’mon, young stud, show me how virile you are, most of you cannot keep an erection for longer than three minutes without blowing a load so show me…” bringing him just to the brink of climax before releasing him and peeling off the glove, tossing it in the wastebasket.  Jason dropped his forehead on the wooden top of the desk in front of him.  He let out an extended groan.

“So in closing for today, dudes, I am going to teach you how to exercise some restraint.  Tomorrow, we will be going over selfie no-no’s, like the Bathroom Selfie and the Gym Selfie, and other forms of self-sabotage.  Oh and how to use silverware if you do finally make it to a dinner date.”


Submissive Training: 17 Reasons I Love the Leash & Collar

If I have an object fetish, it’s certainly the collar.  Maybe it has to do with my girlhood days as an equestrienne, but the leather does it for me.


To put the collar on a submissive is an incredibly erotic act; to have the collar on instills a feeling of being contained, brought under control, also delectably erotic.

Then there are all the fun ways that collar can be applied: tractioning, leading, restraining. It’s also a non-verbal training signal that it’s time to pay attention and serve.  Some people use it only when they play, while some submissives are made to wear their collar whenever they are in private or in BDSM-friendly company.

From where I sit (on the Chaise Longue) you don’t have to go all heavy duty with the pain or the toys to expand your sexual horizons with your partner; the leash and collar really alters the bedroom dynamic in a dramatic way.  I don’t really need a whole lot of other implements when I put that thing on a hot specimen of manflesh. Okay, one of these would be great.  I mean, look how convenient that is!


Ahem, as I was saying. So for the sake of poetic ritual, I’ll give you my 15 reasons that the collar and leash are a gynormous turnon:

  1. The glint of the leather as it slips across my palm
  2. The cold gloss of the buckle as the pin slips into the hole, clicking nice and tight
  3. The way his breathing changes knowing he is secure in my grip
  4. His willingness, from that point on, to do anything I please
  5. How the subtlest suggestion from my hand lifts his chin
  6. The quality of his attention now that he is under my control
  7. His silence a talisman of alertness
  8. The way his body yields
  9. The way he butterflies open
  10. The purity of his obedience as obvious as the strap around his neck
  11. That I do not need to tug, he knows my signals almost before I give them
  12. How easily I can arrange his details
  13. The way my flesh simmers at the taste of his earlobe
  14. How the lead melts down his back
  15. Sliding the loop along his pretty taint
  16. The tension a censor on his throat, a conduit to his very breath
  17. The salty smell as it mixes with his sweat

I’m planning on slapping one of these bad boys on a farmer this weekend, taking him for a trot around the lake.  More reports to follow.



I Told You to Be Quiet: A Lesbian Femme Domme Short Story

Author Note: This is rough, but it’s the load I was able to blow today.



From the moment Devina saw this young thing enter the bar, tailing her girlfriends and looking so eager and awkward, it was suddenly mission-critical that Devina enslave this creature. Despite her girly conformity, the juicy-but-petite girl who flipped her long black hair too much was clearly into women.

Devina waited as one bozo after another approached this pod of young females, only to get the eyeroll and the cold, bare shoulder.

She kept waiting until the target’s girlfriends were drunkenly distracted and within 20 minutes, Devina was driving home with her hand on the girl’s thigh. And within 30 minutes, they were standing in her front room.

“I brought you home so I could use your body for my own pleasure, you understand that don’t you, little thing?”

The girl’s dark eyes skated around before finally settling on the floor. Her breathing shifted into a more rapid pattern and she quaked as she said, “Yes Miss.”

“That’s Mistress,” Devina lifted the girl’s chin, “and I’m just going to refer to you as my pussy, because when I’m done with you, baby, your whole body is going to be one big sopping pussy for me.”

A yip escaped the girl as Devina snatched her by the hair and pulled her to hands and knees. “Say that you understand.”

“I understand,” the girl whimpered.

“You do not speak unless I speak to you,” Devina shook the girl by the back of her head, “and when you do answer, you always finish with “Yes, Mistress.”

“Yes, Mistress!”

“Better!” Devina lurched down the hall, dragging the girl on all fours. “Strip and get on the bed with your legs in the air, now.”

“Yes Mistress?” The girl dropped her dress and shed her underwear. Flushed with embarrassment, she hiked her full, round thighs and calves in the air.

Devina took hold of her ankles, pushing them over the girl’s head so she could spit on her snatch. A gasp from the girl made Devina pause, one menacing eyebrow arched. Her close-cropped hair and gold nose ring made her high Egyptian cheekbones appear even more severe.

“Don’t you dare make all those fake sounds, either,” she threatened. “I hate that shit. You be silent while I work your hole and drink your pussy juice.”

“Yes, Mistress,” the girl bit down on her lip as Devina took hold of the pussy’s pussy, pinching her labia together and pulling on it.

“You wet already?”

“Yes, Mistress,”

“I knew you were a slut the moment I saw you walk into that dumbass bar. The way you were lookin’ around the room” – the girl closed her eyes and Devina’s finger wiggled its way between the fluffy little folds ­­–“ you wanted to get fucked in the worst way, for hours, am I right?”

“Yes, you are right, Mistress.”

“Say it, how much you want to get used and fucked right now.”

“Please use me, Mistress, do whatever you want to me, I need it so bad, I’m such a dirty whore.”

“That’s good, pussy. And no man in that whole limp-dick bar was going to do it.”

Devina sucks on one of her wet fingers and her eyes roll back at her new slave’s flavor. “Dear lord, you are so delicious, you had better stay wet for me, because I’m going to suck you dry.”

“Please, Mistress,” the pussy whined before receiving a sharp smack on her ample asscheek. Devina parted the girl’s legs and spread her lips before sinking tongue-deep into the girl’s cunt. She didn’t bother warming her up, just sucked and pulled and bit at her soaking gash.

After sampling her new morsel, Devina rolled her on her side, again cautioning her about making silly noises. “You just lie still and let me play with your holes. Reach back and spread your crack open for me.”

The girl nodded and mashed her lips together before she opened up her rump for her Mistress to taste. Devina rimmed the girl’s delicate little asshole, landing repeated smacks to her ass for quivering or whimpering.

“Fuck, your hole is so tasty, but so tight! I’m really going to have to work on you so that you can take my cock up in there.” She resumed her feverish slurping at the girl’s rectum, slipping a finger back into her and pounding at both of her openings. “Let me see those titties shake.” Now the girl couldn’t help herself. She let out a yell.

Devina withdrew and before the pussy could look back, she was on her belly, ass cranked over the edge of the bed, pinned by Devina’s weight on her upper back while a flogger came down hard, over and over, on the backs of her thighs and her spasming ass.

“Oh Mistress, I’m so sorry…” she fumbled but Devina ignored her, continuing to unleash on the girl’s exposed backside until all her flesh was cross-hatched with red. Devina’s succulent butt pressed against the back of the girl’s head, and her Mistress’s vj left a patch of lady juice between her shoulder blades.

“Do you need more? Or are you going to shut up now?”

“I can be quiet, Mistress, I swear.”

“Next time, I will gag you,” Devina dismounted, dragging the girl around and resuming her previous gorging without giving her a moment to catch her breath. “Hold still, hold your crack open and don’t you dare come.”

“Yes, Mistress, I can do it, I want to please you,” the pussy babbled. Devina smiled before planting her tongue once again on the girl’s asshole, fishing inside her with her nails, working her hand deeper.

“I suspect,” she scoffed between tongue thrusts, “that you can take quite a lot of cock up that sweet little hole, can’t you, slut?”

““Yes, Mistress,”

“But what you girls don’t understand: you are barking up the wrong tree. Aint no man who could do this to you,” Devina hummed as she worked, alternating fingers and tongue, lapping, shaking suddenly, sucking hard, biting , reaching up to grab a fistful of hair and crank the girl’s head back to tightly arch her spine. “Say you love getting your holes worked on so hard.”

“I love it when my Mistress works my holes so hard,” the girl cried, as which point Devina sank her nails into a big fistful of butt cheek. The girl jerked and when Devina’s face pulled away from her crack, she started to gush again, “I’m so sorry Mistress–” but it was too late.

“I told you to be quiet,” Devina said as she fastened the gag around the girl’s head.

A nasal yelp was all the girl could manage now. “Now I’m going to make it so you can’t squirm either.” Devina sighed as she quickly looped some fibrous rope around the girl’s neck and limbs, yanking her into a bind with her legs tucked in and her ass in the air.

“I’ll tell you why I hate that sound so much,” Devina explained as she worked, “it’s because of porn. That’s what men think women are supposed to sound like, and so that’s the sound that tells them they are doing something right,” she continued as she worked the knots into place, contorting the girl into a single mound of female flesh like an oyster on the half shell. “Women learn to make those sounds to please men. Well, I am not a man, I know the different between those fake sounds and real sounds. So for now, you are going to learn to be quiet.”

For the third round, Devina employed a bullet vibrator, swirling it over the girl’s pointy hard clit. Drool ebbed out onto the mattress and Devina laughed at the pussy’s mess. “What a dirty girl you are, you are making puddles all over my bed. You get to clean that up too.”

Devina rolled some oil onto the soft expanse of the girl’s punished ass while she continued to lick at her exposed bunghole. “Damn little pussy, I think I need to ride that pretty ass.” There was a pause, and the slut lay there, a knotted ball of girl parts waiting and panting through her nose. Devina didn’t take her eyes off the girl as she tugged on a harness, loaded up with a fat black cock, not bothering with lube.

“You’re so wet I don’t even need to lube up this cock, do I, baby girl?” again grabbing sweaty, tangled hair and thrusting the girl’s face deep into the bed. Devina’s hand glided over the firm globes of exposed haunches, for a moment lulling the girl into the soft sensation. “Shhh,” she soothed.

Right before slamming her phallus up inside the pussy.

“See?” Devina growled and pumped hard into the girl’s swollen slit, “You are just one big…open…sloppy…wet…pussy…now…” Devina grabbed the rope for leverage and went into an almost mechanical trance, thumping the girl’s underside with loud, slushy sounds. Her own bush was sopping her inner thighs as she gritted her jaw and hammered away.

“That’s what you needed so bad, little bitch?” Devina pulled the cock out of the girl’s pussy and pushed it into her ass. What would have been a wail, if not for the gag, erupted from the girl, but rather than stopping, Devina continued to rock out on her asshole while she brought down hard smacks on the poor creature’s creamy cheeks.

It went on so long and when the girl started to get dry, Devina would just resume spitting and licking at her holes. Finally, she pushed the girl off her, letting her fall sideways on the bed.

Ditching the harness, Devina sat down at the pussy’s face, unfastened the gag and fed her some water. She arranged the girl’s hair away from her streaked face and began untethering the rope.

The girl lay in a lump and Devina watched closely. After her breathing regulated, the girl turned her big dark eyes toward Devina.

“Mistress, may I speak?”

“Yes, pussy, you can speak.” She beamed openly.

“Please own me and let me keep serving you?” Devina snorted dismissively, but the girl nuzzled her face toward Devina’s crotch pleading, “Please Mistress, use my face for your pleasure, please…” to which Devina shrugged and guided the girl’s face in.

“Alright,” she clamped a strong hand on the back of the girl’s skull and ground her face straight into her sweltering cunt. She jutted her hips, violently fucking the girl’s whole face. “Make your mouth wide and suck my clit, ooh your lips are so soft, pussy, I’m about to squirt all over your pretty face.” Devina’s narrow waist and driving hips wound in circles, her hands holding the girl’s head stationary. “Open wider and suck harder pussy, you need to make me come,” Devina, twerked harder and the girl hummed and closed her eyes just in time before a hot stream of ejaculate coated her visage, momentarily blinding her and dripping along her hair. Devina howled, “drink it, pussy,” and the girl obeyed by guzzling the steamy liquid shooting out of Devina’s yoni.

“I will take you on. But only as a trial. What I did to you tonight is just foreplay.” The girl lifted up for a moment, her expression teary and blissful.

“Thank you, Mistress,” she said quickly before returning to her new Mistress’ musky bayou, her new happy place.

I Made the Lust: #Elust93 Cougar Femdom Short SubjugateU

*Licks lips, mops pussy with dirty tee shirt, clears throat: “The e(lust) 93 is out.  Pushing Past by Mrs. Fever will give you the loin-burn.

A sumptous quote from Disturbance:

“Mouth parted and eyes lightly shut, her limbs serene and relaxed, she entices me. Captivated by the subtle changes in her skin, her scent, she is triggering remembrance of a body. Of my body, long dismissed. She makes me want life.”

*Creaming on yet another tee shirt, cursing laundry in general.

You know me and political satire, the Steve Bannon blind date piece is a hoot.  Or more of a “HA!”

There are some really raunchy and delicious blogs in this issue, my pervert friends. A big thanks to the classy dames and dudes who make the e(lust) go. Time to run a load of tee shirts.

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